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20" (50cm) long EXTRA DELUXE 240g. Full Head Clip In Human Hair Extensions

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EXTRA DELUXE Clip in sets are for those who have very thick hair, or want to achieve that EXTRA volume. Also it is more suitable for those girls who have very short, medium thickness or thick hair, to achieve that perfect blend. 


The difference between DELUXE  and EXTRA DELUXE sets are, that each EXTRA DELUXE weft is thicker, and has more hair in it, for that EXTRA volume.


If you are unsure which set to choose for your hair type,  please contact us via CHAT window (in a bottom right corner of the web) and we will help you to choose the perfect set and colour.


Salon Quality Professional AAAA Grade  100% Human Remy Hair


EXTRA DELUXE Clip in Human Hair Extensions Full Head 7 Pieces Set

A set of 7 pieces contains:

one - 8 inch piece ( for the back of the head ) with 4 clips each piece

two - 6 inch pieces ( for the back of the head ) with 3 clips each piece

two- 4 inch pieces ( for the sides of the head ) with 2 clips each piece

two- 1.5 inch pieces ( for the sides of the head ) with 1 clip each piece




20 inch (50cm)





No. of Clips:



100% Human Hair Extensions

Custom Style:

Can beDyed, Straightened, washed, Curled


Is the 20 inch length right for me?

• This is the most popular length at Victoria Hair Extensins
• Sits about a hands length below the bust line
• Great for average height customers
• Looks natural yet stlll provides wow factor
• Long enough to still curl whilst maintaining length


Please Note: delivery time 5-6 working days.




Can not find the right shade? We will help you! Please contact us in a CHAT window or email to: before ordering.


Otherwise check out here:

How to Choose a Perfect Shade of Victoria Hair Extensions 




Our extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair, however they have to cared for slightly differently then your own hair. We have made a quick summary of hair extensions do's and don't's for you. For detailed instructions please check our hair care page.

  • You can curl, tong & straighten them
  • You can use your GHDs on them without any problem
  • You can wash hair extensions
  • You can dye them
  • Don't use products containing alcohol as they can dry out the extensions and you don't want that happening
  • Don't use shampoo designed for volume or for dyed hair
  • Don't bleach or lighten the extensions
  • Don't wear your extensions to bed; always take them out first
  • Don't wear your extensions for swimming and try not to get them wet in the rain




You can use your hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongs on your hair extensions to achieve a variety of styles, but remember, as with all human hair, the less heat used the better. In order to keep your extensions in their original silky condition for as long as possible, it's advisable to use a good quality heat protection treatment before applying heat to your hair extensions.

You may find that your hair extensions respond to heat tools much quicker than your own hair, making them easy and fast to style. Be sure not to apply heat tools to your extensions for long periods of time. It's also advisable not to use hair spray, mousse or gel as this can melt into the hair and also to avoid a build up. Treat your extensions as you would your own hair in order to keep them looking soft and shiny. Remember to use a heat protector before any heating appliances are used on the hair.



It shouldn't be necessary to clean your hair extensions more than every 6 weeks.

  1. Firstly, mix half a cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of shampoo. The more moisturising the shampoo, the better.
  2. Secondly, fill your sink or a large bowl with warm water and mix the cup of diluted shampoo into the water. Keep top weft and clips out of water (this avoids swelling of the top weft and the clips going rusty). Make sure your extensions are tangle free and place them into the sink or bowl. Then swirl around your hair gently. 
  3. Next, remove the extensions from the solution and rinse them under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top, near the clips. Cold water is best to lock in moisture.
  4. Squeezing out any excess water and avoiding tangling the hair, lay the extensions out flat on a towel. Apply a conditioning treatment to the extensions, such as an intensive repair treatment. Comb through from ends to weft using a wide tooth comb. Gently fold over the towel and leave for one hour to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair.
  5. Rinse the conditioner out and apply a leave in conditioner. You can apply more than you would usually on your own hair. In a fresh towel, lie your extensions flat and fold the towel over them, as before. Leave the extensions to dry naturally. If you're in a hurry, leaving them in an airing cupboard or by a radiator can speed up the process.
  6. Once your extensions have dried, you can comb through gently from clip to tip, before applying heat protection spray and straightening one weft at a time.



Before choosing your hair extensions, we would encourage you to Contact Us if you need a help with your Color Match. This service is absolutely free and we will help you to choose a right color of your hair extensions! Always try to get a good colour match from available colours. We don't encourage dying the extensions, if you do however have to dye them please follow the instructions below.

  • It's recommended to buy a shade closest to your own hair colour, but the extensions can be dyed up to two shades darker. The hair has already been through a chemical process, so bleaching or lightening the hair can affect the condition of the hair.
  • You will need two boxes of dye per full head set of hair extensions. Do not rub or tangle the hair, simply apply the dye in a patting and stroking motion from root to tip. The hair can be dyed more than once, but remember, like your own hair, the condition will be affected the more you dye the extensions. Always follow the instructions and thoroughly rinse the dye from the extensions. Read through the above instructions on cleaning your extensions for when it comes to washing the dye from the hair.
  • Always carry out a strand test before dying whole hair extensions. Dyeing hair extensions requires professional experience. Once hair has been dyed we cannot be held responsible for the dying process.


  • DO NOT store your hair extensions in plastic packaging!
  • Close clips after removal of your hair.
  • Brush hair through from top weft to ends, supporting the top weft.
  • Spray your extensions with leave-in conditioner.
  • Store in cotton or breathable material.

Any more questions please contact us in a CHAT window. 


Gift Packaging

Gift packaging available for UK customers! 
Would you like to send some hair extensions as a gift to your bestie?

From now on we will pack and send straight to her! Also we can write a wish from you! 

When ordering simply choose "gift packaging" and include your message when checkout!

It has never been easier 
Perfect Birthday or Christmas present to anyone who love hair extensions or someone who would like to try it for a first time and create those amazing long, voluminous hairstyles! 


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