Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo

Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo 


The most commonly asked question is, "why are there sulfates in our shampoos?" Sulfate (SLS, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLES, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate) is included in shampoo as a kind of filler ingredient that helps fill the bottle. 


They are relatively inexpensive to make and easy to ship, these sulfates can be added with very little effort to shampoos. As a result, they have become a business favorite among shampoo makers. 


The Sience Behind Sulfate Free Shampoo

So then, what is the problem with sulfates? Well, if you were to look at the claims currently out there, sulfates cause everything from hair falling out to several kinds of cancer. Also, sulfates are much more likely to cause frizzy-ness in curly hair. There are many negative effects that sulfates can cause to your hair shaft, hair follicles, and your scalp. 

Dry hair and scalp. Sulfates dissolve all of the natural oils on your scalp, thus leaving your hair and scalp dryer than normal.

In addition, if your hair is receiving chemical treatment, then sulfate-free is suggested because your hair is prone to damage.

Scalp irritations. Sulfates have the potential to worsen dandruff and eczema. In turn they also leave your scalp feeling tights and itchy.

Finally, some people report having hair that is very greasy whenever using a sulfate shampoo. Though this depends on the person, enough people have reported it to help create a market in sulfur-free.

Fading hair colour. If you colour your hair, the aggressive cleansing that sulfates gives you will strip your hair of that colour, leaving you with dull, faded locks.

Hair loss. Sulfates corrode and damage your hair follicles, which leads to hair loss. This is especially true if you don't properly rinse shampoo out of your hair.




You should especially avoid sulfates if you colour your hair, the aggressive cleansing that sulfates gives you will strip your hair of that colour.



The Benefits Of Sulfate-Free Shampoo

One of the benefits is that with a sulfate free shampoo you eliminate allergies. You may still be allergic to other ingredients of the shampoo, but you will not experience an allergic reaction to sulfates. The other benefit is that your hair remains healthy instead of being stripped of its oils that keep your hair smooth and shiny. Healthy hair grows fasted and is stronger, keeping breakage to a minimum.

Another reason why many people have switched to sulfate-free is because sulfate-free shampoos typically have fewer chemicals in them. In many countires around the world like Australia, United States, South Africa, Great Britain, India and the Philippines, there is a growing trend to stay away from hair care products that have a lot of potentially harmful chemicals.

Instead, very basic products with a small ingredient list are becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to chemicals, you never really know what their long-term effects will be. Keep it simple. 


Why Sulfates Damage Hair Extensions?


The problem is that they clean too well. Your scalp produces natural oils that nourish hair, and sulfates wipe out those natural oils. Hair extensions and sulfates just don't mix.

Sulfate-free shampoos will keep your hair extensions stronger, healthier and won't chemically strip your precious locks! 

The most important thing, your hair extensions will last much longer using sulfate-free aftercare products.


How Effective Is Sulfate-Free Shampoo?

Sulfate-free shampoos clean just as effectively as do the sulfate shampoos. There is only one draw-back. It does not lather like the sulfate shampoos. This can be disturbing to those who assosiate cleanliness with lather. the two nothing to do with each other.

Once you are used to the non-bubbling shampoos, you will soon notice the benefits of clean hair and naturally oiled skin and scalp. Your hair will lose its frizz and it will feel so much smoother because of it. Split ends will also be reduced or become a thing of the past altogether. 

The biggest benefit is that you may actually gain some hair volume because of the health of your scalp and hair follicles will improve without the irritation of sulfate in your shampoo. So, if you have a sensitive scalp, chronically dry or brittle hair, color treatments or perms, these are some of the reasons why sulfate-free shampoosis better for you.


How to choose the best shampoo?

If you always look for shampoos which smell good and make a lot of foam then you have chosen the wrong approach. A lot of foam and bubbles are signs which often indicate that the particular shampoo contains a large amount of sulfates. Hair manufacturers understand that any ingredient which is cheap and effective at the same time is definetely a great choice for them (unfortunately, not for consumers) even if it has some side effects.

Nowadays there are tons of sulfate free shampoos available, however, they are usually not too cheap. Even though it is possible to buy some of these shampoos for less than 10 dollars, qualitative, organic and sulfate free hair care products which contain a lot of natural moisturizers usually cost a little more than that. 



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