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How to Choose a Perfect Shade of

Victoria Hair Extensions


Victoria Hair Extensions are available in 30 beautiful shades, ranging from pure black all the way to light, ashy blonde and bright colourful tones. Also we are able to make a custom colour, according your request, so feel free to send us a photo made in natural lighting and we will make a colour shade according it. 

Please note, we are always here to help choose the right shade for you so please contact us prior placing your order if you are unsure regarding the colour or you need any other advice. Contact us via email: or in our CHAT window.

Victoria Hair Extensions are specially dyed to ensure that each shade blends in with a range of hair colors, even if it's not a perfect match: The secret? Our multi-tonal adapt coloring system.

Have you ever noticed that your hair color looks different under certain lights? This is because everyone's hair color is made up of two chemicals: one which makes your hair dark, and one which makes your hair light. If you have dark hair, you will have more of the dark hair chemical, but small trace amounts of the light hair chemical, giving your hair undertones that come through in the sunlight.

If you take a close look at each shade of Victoria Hair Extensions, you will see that each color is not just consist of strands of one color. In fact, you may see light hair strands in darker shades like Off Black #1b, and dark hair strands in lighter shades like Medum Blonde #22. This color range in hair strands gives each shade dimension and depth, making the hair look "alive" - like your natural hair. If our, say, Medum Blonde #22 wefts were made up of thousands of hair strands of the same color, the extensions would look very flat, and noticeably fake. 

Now that we've gotten through the science of how you ended up with your natural hair color, here's how to choose your perfect shade of Victoria Hair Extensions to ensure that your new extensions blend seamlessly in with your hair. 


 Jet Black #1

Jet Black #1 is our darkest shade, and is a pure black color. This shade is comparable to if you went to the hair salon and had your hair dyed black. Jet Black has cool, blue undertones.


 Off Black #1B

Colour #1B is a natural black colour with a warm brown undertones. There is no cool tones it's a warmer black shade.  If your hair usually looks black but looks darkest brown in the sun, your perfect match is likely Off Black #1B. 


Natural Black with Blonde Highlights #1b/613

This is natural black colour mixed with lightest blonde, creating highlights in a black hair.


Darkest Brown #2

This is a rich darkest brown shade, it has warmer brown undertones. This color is a noticeable brown color, unlike Off Black #1B.



Chocolate Brown #4

Chocolate Brown is a lighter brown shade and has hints of red and golden undertones.

It's a warmer and lighter shade than Darkest Brown colour #2.



Medium Brown #6

This is a medium shade of brown and has a red, orange undertones in it. Medium Brown is a gorgeous, warm brown shade with caramel and honey undertones. 


Warm Light Brown #8

This is soft, lightest brown shade with golden undertones. This shade is for someone who has naturally light brown hair or medium sunkissed brown tone. 



Caramel Blonde #14

This is a warm dark blonde shade with caramel undertone.


 Medium Auburn #30

Its a medium auburn colour with red and golden undertones.



Dark Auburn #33

One of the sexiest and most popular reddish and brown hair colors out there.


Deep Red Wine #99J

Also known as burgundy, one of the deepest reddish colors outh there.



Medium Blonde #22

This color features golden, or champaign like traces of yellow throughout the hair. 



Ashy Light Strawberry Blonde #24

A somewhat light or dulled version of  Medium Blonde #22




 Dark Blonde /Strawbery or Light Butterscotch Blonde #27



Lightest Blonde #60

A really popular blond hair color among majority of the women and great #613 alternative. Colour #60 will blen with many different blonde shades.


Blonde / Light Blonde #613

Also known as white and baby blonde hair color, another popular alternative for #60, but #613 has more yellow undertones. 



Ash Blonde #18

Blond hair that is similar in color to that of a honey and light ashes. 



Mix of Chocolate Brown  and Dark Blonde #4/27

An interesting, full of contrast and really playful combination of beautiful brown and dark blonde.



Chocolate Brown mixed with Light Blonde #4/613

Chocolate Brown with a  lightest blonde highlights.


Light Brown with Highlights #8/613

It's a beautiful lightest brown colour with sunkissed blonde highlights.


Golden Light Brown mixed with Blonde #12/613

A beautiful combination hair color of the golden brown and light blond.



Ash Honey Blonde mixed with Blonde #18/613

One of the most popular mixed/ ombre combinations. Will blend naturally with many blonde shades.



Strawberry Blonde mixed with Light Blonde #27/613

Another highly popular combination a mix of two beautiful blond colours.