Human Hair extensions are measured in Grades. All the hair we sell is 100% Remy human hair however the lower the grade, the cheaper the price and the lowest longevity of the hair extensions.We do sell 3A and Top Quality  4A grade hair. If you would like another grade, please let us know as we can make custom orders iclude reguired grade, single drawn or double drawn also we could make a hair color you need if you can not find it in our color chart.
Grade 'A' Non-Remy Mixed human hair the cuticles have been stripped and replaced by a silicone coating for shine hair could be mixed with natural fallen hair & animal hair this hair does not have a long life lasting on average 1 month with extra care and minimal use.

Grade 'AA'  Remy human hair that has been subjected to more basic production processes than higher graded hair but remains a top seller in the hair industry due to its low prices. Grade AA hair will last 2-3 months on average when maintained correctly.

Grade 'AAA' Remy human hair that is processed to create a more conditioned, longer lasting hair which can take more washes and stay looking soft, shiny and healthy for longer. Grade AAA hair will last 4-6 months on average when maintained correctly.
3A grade Clip in Hair will last more than 12 months, or 15-20 washes.
Grade '4A' The highest quality processed 100% Remy human hair that is available. It has such strength that it is similar in condition to Virgin hair. The AAAA grade hair started life as Virgin hair which has then been gently coloured to bring you a wide variety of natural looking European colours. The ratio of long hairs is extremely high and it is often double drawn so there will be no tapering towards the ends. It will remain soft, sleek and healthy for 12-18 MONTHS+ when maintained correctly.
For clip in hair it will last more than 2 years.

Virgin hair ('AAAAA' Grade) is the best quality hair your money can buy. The name 'Virgin' means that the hair is still in it's pure form and it hasn't been dyed/bleached or chemically treated in any way. It is completely un-processed and has just been cleaned before being made into a weft bundles. Because of this the hair stays softer and lasts much longer with great shine. Virgin hair is the Ferrari of the human hair world. It is extremely strong and durable and this hair will last 1-2 years if maintained correctly.